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Elna 664 PRO Overlocker For Sale

Elna 664 PRO Overlocker Review

Product DescriptionHem that skirt or sew stretch fabrics... does that seem difficult for you? Not with the Elna 664PRO! Do you want something to complement your sewing machine? With the Elna 664PRO you can sew with 2, 3 or 4 threads. The program reference panel will tell you how to adapt your machine for each selection. You can also join seams... in a jiffy!TECHNICAL FEATURES
Built-in program reference panel
Automatic tension release
Built-in 2-thread converter
Tilting needle clamp
Instant rolled hem device
Self-threading lower looper
Front cover safety system
Pre-tension slider ( 3/4 - 2 thread )
Color-coded threading routes
Cutting blade
Adjustable foot pressure
Telescopic thread antenna system
Electronic foot control
Waste tray included
Exclusive Elna accessory box
Dust coverSTITCHES

Number of Threads : 4/3/2
Safety 4 Thread
Stretch Knit
Gathering 4
Stretch Wrapped
3 Thread Wide
Overlock 3
Narrow Hem 3
Rolled Hem 3/2
Overcast 2
Flatlock 3/2

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